Mini Session

ThINNER Peace Mini-Session

Free 30-minute phone coaching session

($100 value)

I hope I’ve given you some helpful information about weight loss and menopause to ponder on. If it all sounds good, but you’re afraid you can’t do it by yourself, then maybe having a coach might be your next step.

I know, I know you’ve never had a coach and you’re not sure what coaching is or how it helps. Personalized coaching is the difference between learning and implementing. It’s the difference between struggling and winning. It’s individualized, specific help and it will change the trajectory of your weigh loss journey.

If you’re serious about losing the weight, then your next step is to sign up for a mini session with me. And did I mention… it’s completely free! You’re welcome.

Dr. Deb

What is a Mini Session?

It’s where I show you how coaching can help you solve your problem around eating and menopause.

It’s an easy way to take your next step.

It’s recommended even if you have no intention to hire a coach. You will get tremendous value out of this session alone.

You get to experience a real coaching session up front.

It will show you what it means to be coached around eating and menopause. I don’t ever tell you what to eat or what to take.

It’s free.

If you’re a good fit and want to learn more, I’ll tell you about my individual coaching program (it’s not high pressure or salesy (is that even a word?))

It provides you with a custom next step to help you get started on your weight loss journey.

I only do 3 mini sessions a week… so just DO IT.

Here’s what Diane said after a mini session with me:

“I just finished a 30-minute free session with Dr. Deb and I have to say I learned more about myself and my thoughts around food in 30 minutes than I had in 30+years of dieting!”


Coaching is not therapy. We don’t explore your past or your childhood. We move forward in your life from where you are and make it what you’ve always wanted it to be.

I’m not for everyone. I’m tough and direct and quite funny. I also don’t work with just anyone. I like working with women who are committed to conquering this struggle once and for all and who are frustrated with everything else they’ve tried. It that sounds like you, I’d love to meet you NOW. Why now? I only offer 3 mini sessions per week and I want you to be one of them. I’d love to meet you. What have you got to lose?


Are you ready to lose the weight?