I’ve been listening to Dr. Deb for about a month. While I’m still about 18 episodes behind where she currently is, I have lost 15 pounds, BUT most importantly, I’m rewiring my brain. I’ve spent most of my adult life punishing ME either with food or by withholding food (starving & depriving.) Dr. Deb’s podcast teaches you how to STOP hurtful patterns of behavior with food. The BEST part of my weight loss is how I’m beginning to realize that “traditional diets” focus merely on food intake (or lack of intake) WITHOUT addressing the mental processes that your brain goes through during the process. I’ve been a WW for years… I can literally count “points” in my head w/o a tool. But, what that made me think about (most days) was the points/food… all day. Dr. Deb will teach you to live like a child again by putting you BACK IN TUNE WITH YOUR BODY! I know, it sounds just too simple, right?! That’s because it IS! Thank you so much Dr. Deb! From the bottom of my heart! (*Results may vary from person to person)

Having reached that moment in my life that I knew I had to do something! I found Dr. Deb Butler online and thru her podcast. I have been working with her now to help me lose weight at 60 years old. What I found was the principles behind her weight loss program could be applied in my everyday life. As I begin to practice these principles I see both my physical and emotional self changing… I was finding ME again. Whether you follow her online/podcast or she becomes your life coach as she has for me. Let Dr. Deb into your head and heart and she will help you change your life. (*Results may vary from person to person)

As a medical doctor, I want my patient’s lifestyle to be excellent! Dr. Deb has such an easy program for helping you change how you eat by changing how you think. All my patients know what to eat, but Dr. Deb explains that the true solution is in what you think. (*Results may vary from person to person)

I just started listening to the podcasts and about halfway through the first podcast, I felt a feeling of peace come over my whole body. It was very odd, but I think it was because I felt that someone finally understood what I was trying to do with my “lifestyle change” not diet. I am always practicing mindful ways to change my emotions and mind and it made sense to me to do this with my body. My medical doctor suggested that I look into Dr. Deb’s podcasts. I am SO thankful. I really feel that I will finally lose the weight that I need to lose. Thank you, Dr. TL, and Dr. Deb! (*Results may vary from person to person)

Wow so glad I found this podcast. The heart to help so many women is obvious. As a trainer, I listen to many health and fitness podcast but this one is by far my favorite and most useful. Life changing information! (*Results may vary from person to person)

So glad to have found Dr Deb’s podcast! A slower metabolism and menopause doesn’t have to mean weight gain! Because of her upbeat and positive attitude, I have finally been making positive changes to my diet, and my health. Love it! (*Results may vary from person to person)

Thank you, Dr. Deb, for the best news ever!! I’ve experienced your intuitiveness over the years as my coach! Your podcast reinforces everything you’ve ever taught me and much more! Best podcast ever! If you ever have a chance-hire her! (*Results may vary from person to person)

If you are ready to change the way you think about yourself for the better check out Dr. Deb! Her no nonsense, practical, and honest look at how we “think” about ourselves is the only way to make the changes you are seeking. I have followed all the podcasts and joined one of her group programs and I have learned so much about myself and how to change the thoughts that get in my way to achieve what I want for my health. Thank you, Dr. Deb, you are a blessing. (*Results may vary from person to person)

If you’re looking for a coach will will transform both your mind and your body, leaving you fitter and healthier in every way, look no further than Deborah Butler.

After 25 years as a professional chiropractor and informal counselor for people struggling with health and weight issues, Deborah brings tremendous experience and wisdom to her life coaching.

She’s funny, vibrant, compassionate, and utterly committed to helping her clients succeed.

If you’re ready for big positive changes, both physical and mental, Deborah’s your coach! ~Martha Beck, Ph.D (*Results may vary from person to person)

This work has produced the most amazing and profound change in my relationship to food and to myself. It’s all about the food, but it’s not about the food. If you work with Dr. Deb, you’ll understand what that means. This has been the most liberating thing I have done about my weight, the pounds are dropping off, but in a way that is totally different from what I imagined. A much better way to eat, and therefore to enjoy life! ~Mary Zorich (*Results may vary from person to person)

I really thought I would always be this way: trapped inside myself, too afraid that the real me wasn’t good enough, and endlessly obsessed with my body and food. I spent years stressed and worried that people wouldn’t like me, mapping out what I thought they were thinking about me, then trying to become what I thought they wanted me to be. I tried to fill the void with chips and chocolate while the weight on my body came and went like a freight train. The weight inside of me never budged. Insert Dr. Deborah’s famous question: “how’s that working for you?”

And my answer was, “it’s not.” Deborah’s bold, honest, and often hilarious approach forced me to face myself head-on (pun intended)- something I really had never done before. At first, it was about getting really honest with myself and looking at which belief systems were causing me stress and anxiety. It turned out that well, MOST of my beliefs about myself were causing me stress and making me feel physically needy. I then found out that THIS is why I wanted to eat when I wasn’t hungry. Could this be something I could actually change??

“No way,” I thought, “could it be this simple.” But, alas, it was. I found I was enjoying my relationships with friends and family simply because I felt the cleanest I had ever felt. I was honest and open without fearing what others would think. Dr. Deborah’s persistent approach has really shown me how to live my life in the most beautiful way possible. I now catch myself in a negative belief system before I pick up the giant box of donuts. Don’t get me wrong, I can still enjoy a deliciously iced ring of fried doughy goodness like nobody’s business. But now I can actually enjoy it instead of using it as a distraction from what’s really bothering me. My body feels clean and healthy and my goal is to stay at my natural weight without a struggle.

I know that it is possible because I have seen the results from working with Deborah.

In continuing my work with her, I can now see that it’s not about the weight. The weight happened because of the negative thoughts and beliefs that were running the show for so long. Because that concept is now clear, I can choose to create new beliefs about myself that really are more true, causing me to treat myself with more compassion. In doing this work, I have been able to feel more at peace with myself, have more fun, and truly enjoy the hell out of what I am doing. It’s been a wild ride, but I have never felt better and more attuned to what I need and want. ~Beth Ruder (*Results may vary from person to person)

I would give the past six weeks a 10 in the ratings. I would say “to choose to do Dr. Deb’s and Karen’s workshop is the first step to choosing to put myself closer to the top of my own priority list. It was a vote for me and my needs that got me to sign up. Though what initially piqued my interest was the hope of losing weight, I would say what has kept me coming to the sessions and signing up for more was about me finding joy in my life. And as I have grown calmer and more joyful I naturally find myself making better food choices and exercise choices and how I spend my time choices. All of those will add years to my life that yo yo dieting cannot. ~Kathy O’Donnell (*Results may vary from person to person)

Your program helped to permanently change my life. I now schedule regular time for me, guilt-free! Just this simple step has changed how I eat, how I relate to people, and even how I perceive myself. I recommend this program to people so they can find peace and self acceptance. Thanks Deborah!! ~Elizabeth Kern (*Results may vary from person to person)

I am pleased to recommend “Your Big Change” to anyone that seems stuck and can’t seem to get motivated to try one more diet and exercise program. It all starts in the mind, and in our feeling. Under Dr. Deb’s skillful leadership, and in community of supportive women, we all learned to honor ourselves, and our bodies as a priority. Deprivation and determination are gone, and replacing it with a sense of self love and peace around food. It was a wonderful experience. ~ChocolateDiva, Rebecca Olson (*Results may vary from person to person)

The Big Change was not one single change. It’s was a journey of several weeks taking personal inventory, finding out what was sabotaging my goals to a healthier me, and making new choices for success. It was a learning experience, teaching me that right now is the best time to become a more healthy and a more confident me, no matter what life was throwing my way. I’ve learned living techniques I will use for the rest of my life. I highly recommend this program if you’re looking for success in the area of health and confidence! ~Big Change Becky (*Results may vary from person to person)

Just want to thank you so much for the education that The Big Change has given me! The Big Change has been an “I” (and I mean I, not eye) opening experience. After all, it has been an education to focus on me, and what a blessing that has been! This process of becoming aware of how I treat myself, what I put in my body and for what reason, and how I feel afterwards has been remarkable.

I came into this group feeling tired, worn down, and not really sure who I was anymore… somehow just going through the motions and lost in the ruts of life. Through your coaching, teaching and mentoring, I am totally aware now of what I am doing. I can honestly and compassionately look and watch myself. By eating better for the past several months, I am more energetic, fun and lighter!

Through The (MY) Big Change, my inmost being has been resurrected and I’m finding so much more joy in my life again. Thank you Dr. Deb, for the education and encouragement to be good to myself. Together we have changed my life forever and I celebrate THE BIG CHANGE! ~Patricia Vandever (*Results may vary from person to person)

I’ve always needed a coach who won’t let me get away with anything. Deborah is one of those kind of life coaches. She could be likened to a dog after a bone – ones on the hunt she keeps on digging until she gets to the bottom of the issue. ~Ann Croghan, College Professor and Artist (*Results may vary from person to person)

This is the first time I am putting me first. I am confident and secure about what I eat, and I know that this time I will succeed! ~Debra Sandifer, Corporate Chaplin, Marketplace Chaplins USA (*Results may vary from person to person)

The comfort, joy and calm feelings experienced in my sessions with Dr. Deb are helping to not only change how I eat but are also helping me change my life. She emits so much joy! ~Janelle Conley, Financial Advisor (*Results may vary from person to person)

Deborah is a deep listener who helped me find the answers to my emotional eating patters by asking the right questions. She gently guided me into a more loving awareness of my body and my relationship with food. ~Susan Beekman, Master Coach (*Results may vary from person to person)

Weight issues have plagued me my whole life and this is the first time I’m losing weight without deprivation or strict, crazy diets. I feel so free. Dr. Deb, Thank you! ~Cindi Coffman, Office Manager (*Results may vary from person to person)

My experience with Dr. Butler has been life-changing. I went to her for nutrition information to help me lose weight. I’ve yo-yo dieted all of my life and wanted to get the weight off once and for all. At first I was disappointed because we weren’t talking about food and dieting. But then I had my first major realization–that my struggle all these years wasn’t really about food; it’s about the reasons why I eat and really understanding facts versus my thoughts and feelings. While this seems like such a simple idea on the surface–it’s the most complex thing I’ve ever dug into in my life. With Dr. Butler’s guidance I’ve found myself the healthiest I’ve ever been in my life–physically, mentally, and emotionally–and amazingly all without ever actually “dieting”. It’s a journey that I realize will never end, but I feel more confident in my ability to face challenges honestly. And I love myself more now–mind, body & spirit–than I ever have in my 43 years. ~Mindy Campbell (*Results may vary from person to person)

At age 79, I met Dr. Deb Butler and became her patient. Within a very few office visits, she mitigated the low back pain from which I had suffered since age 20. In addition, through counseling and nutritional advice, she has helped me to achieve a more healthy, positive outlook on life. My life had become a constant, discouraging search for a new orthopedist, the newest prescription pain medication, and/or a series of injections which sometimes relieved pain but carried unpleasant side effects. You can imagine the amount of negativity on which my mind had focused. Now, at age 80, thanks to the knowledge and ministrations of Dr. Deb, it is no longer necessary for me to swallow heavy-duty prescription pain meds several times a day. My life has become so much more pleasant and comfortable. ~Shirley Cogan (*Results may vary from person to person)

Change can be a big challenge for anyone….and often the beginning of that change is simply feeling unsettled, unhappy or unsure. Deborah has the wisdom, wit and guidance to be the catalyst in that change. Her style is direct, no nonsense, fun and compassionate. She has the ability to listen deeply and respond on a truly life changing level. In our work together, she has provided valuable insight, and through her listening, an avenue for change. No matter how big or small the change may be, Deborah can help you to cut through the thoughts that are preventing you from living a life full of joy. I highly recommend Deborah and her unique brand of coaching. ~M. McCormick, M.D. (*Results may vary from person to person)

Dr. Deb Butler has a wealth of resources and a great deal of knowledge and wisdom about food. Dr. Deb shows an interest in each client and really listens to them to see how she can customize a program that will work for them. I appreciated Dr. Deb going with me to the grocery store to help me learn how to evaluate different foods and how to select food which were most nutritious and would work for my tastes and preferences. Dr. Deb is an effective food coach because she has great listening skills and can hear what’s between the lines. Her listening skills allowed her to notice patterns or make connections I had not done on my own. Dr. Deb’s effectiveness as a coach is also credited to the fact that she does not let her clients off easy, but will challenge them to answer difficult questions. Dr. Deb has a sincere interest in her clients succeeding and is willing to do what it takes to guide them along the way. If you’re willing to work hard and allow yourself to be challenged, “Thinner Peace” can help you feel better about yourself, be healthier, sleep better, be more productive and be more peaceful. ~Greg R. (*Results may vary from person to person)

I have worked with Dr. Deb for over two years. I participated in the classes she offered which taught me about food, my relationship with food, and my bodies reaction to food. I learned how to take charge of the way my mind took control of what it thought my body needed. I have now learned how to listen to my body and I feel so much better both emotionally and physically. I have lost substantial fat and feel more motivated to exercise and just enjoy life. I work a great deal but have found it easier to balance my bodies needs with the personal goals I set for myself. I am so appreciative to Dr. Deb for giving me the tools to move ahead with my life and my new body in a positive and loving environment. ~Sheral (*Results may vary from person to person)