Ep 1 Thinner Peace in Menopause, Weight Loss and Beyond

by Deb Butler

In Menopause, physical hunger decreases due to metabolism decreasing. Learn to trust yourself around food again.

Welcome to the first episode of Thinner Peace in Menopause and Beyond podcast.


In today’s podcast we’re going to learn how to connect to your most basic instinct: eating. It sounds funny, but unfortunately if you’re a lot like me or most of my clients were, you have lost this basic instinct of eating when you’re hungry and stopping when you’re full. This is the beginning of mindfulness.

You probably have been either following a diet to lose weight and if you’re not losing weight then you’re probably checking out of your body and busily gaining weight just to start your next diet. Now you’re going through menopause, losing weight has become harder than ever. This is a rollercoaster ride, and by now, you’re probably nauseous and ready for a true mind body connection. Fortunately, this is the only thing you can depend on. Welcome to becoming reacquainted to YOUR body.

In these podcasts we will start learning how to reconnect to this most basic instinct with tools I have used with all my private clients, very successfully.

For today, when you sit down to eat I want you to give yourself your full attention. I want you to ask yourself these two simple questions, “Am I hungry?” and “Am I full?” I guarantee when a child sits down to eat, this is the connection that happens every single time. It’s just so quick and so innate, one is not aware any more. It is just automatic. This is exactly what we want to happen to you. So, this is where we start. I invite you to watch children-they can be your greatest teachers.

Many clients state they don’t even know when they’re hungry any more. They either eat by the clock or by how much food is on their plate or the latest and greatest diet, OR using food to make them feel better with no regard to hunger.

I’m looking forward to taking these steps together, because once you start reconnecting to your own body, each new step I teach you will become easier. It all starts with becoming mindful.

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