Ep 62 How to Use Summertime to Lose Weight

by Deb Butler

In this episode I talk about the model and relate it to losing weight in the summer. Most women think summer is the time to eat and celebrate and vacation and not pay attention to themselves. They either made it into their swimming suits OR NOT!

Summertime Podcast 62

Find out why summertime really is the best time to lose weight. Michael and I have been in Belize for the last 5 months, and we’re both losing weight. I realized the heat and body connection make it almost impossible for your body NOT to lose weight.

Lets use the heat of the summer to start the journey of permanent weight loss. It really is the most natural thing for the body to do: drop excess weight. How? Well… by eating less and moving more. It’s what naturally wants to happen if you’re connected to your body.

Listen in as I teach more about how your mind thinks, and why it can create this phenomenon effortlessly, just by being connected to your body, and choosing what you want to think. We will learn more about the model in this episode.

The Model:

ModelC – Summertime

T – Summer is the best time to lose weight

F – Motivated

A – Eat less, move more

R – Weight loss

Enjoy the show!

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