Ep 63 The Only Way to Resist Temptations

by Deb Butler

We are continuing with the model, and how it applies to the food you eat or don’t eat.

Many of my clients and students believe certain foods cannot be resisted. They have believed this for so long, they believe this to be a fact, BUT, it’s just a thought, that’s all.

Resist Podcast 63

Listen in today as I talk about a client who believed she couldn’t resist chocolate. Watch how that thought alone created her eating the chocolate every single time.

ModelC. Walking by a piece of chocolate.

T. I can’t resist eating chocolate.

F. Powerless.

A. Eat the chocolate that is sitting there.

R. Continue to prove you can’t resist chocolate.

New model:

C. Walking by chocolate.

T. It’s just chocolate, I can choose to eat or not.

F. Powerful (in control.)

A. Don’t eat it.

R. It’s just a choice I choose to make.

What do you think around certain foods? It all starts with becoming aware. You can’t choose to change a thought if you don’t know you’re thinking it to begin with. Awareness is everything.

Enjoy the show.

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