Ep 72 Carol’s Story: How I Created Peace Inside Myself to Lose Weight!

by Deb Butler

In today’s episode I interview and coach another podcast listener. Listen in and read her heartfelt letter below. She has achieved thinner peace. She will inspire you!

Peace Podcast 72

“Yesterday after listening to Mindful Monday, I decided to post on my Facebook wall my transformation to date. The point wasn’t to make myself feel good… bahaha… I laugh because a year ago, that might have been the point. But, instead, to share with people that I consider my friends the Peace I have found.

There were the general, ‘How much did you lose?’ comments & the, ‘You look great’ comments & so on. They were nice to hear, but, the people who were curious and wanted to know about this… your program… were the comments I gravitated to the most. (I also kept telling them that I was not a paid spokesperson… lol.) But, there has been ‘something’ that clicked inside of me.

It didn’t happen when I was focused on the scale, or the food, or the size, or anything other than peacefulness in me. I have suffered from depression having lost almost all my family aside from my children, becoming the ‘matriarch’ of my family at 42 is humbling indeed. So, to say, ‘I’ve found peace’ is huge for me. I’ve lived a lifetime of shoulda, woulda, couldas and learning to not berate myself has been monumental, and it started here… with your podcast.

I now look at the things that I would focus on avoiding (bread basket girl right here) and don’t even let it faze me. I LOVE Dots… the candy. My husband bought me a box of them months ago & they’ve been just sitting there in the pantry. The other day I took them out opened them up & ate 4-5 green ones. My husband laughed & asked if I was only going to eat the green Dots & I said, ‘Yes… because those are the ones that give me the most pleasure, so those are the ones I want to enjoy.’ The box is still open on my nightstand and there are even green ones left. But, if I want more, I’ll come to them.

Today, I’m baking my great grandmother’s white bread & I intend to have a slice hot from the oven with butter, the way I would have enjoyed it as a child. I may not eat another single bite of the two loaves, but if I want more, I can always make it again. This is the peacefulness that I have found & have needed that I didn’t even know I needed. So, thank you.

I have shared & invited my friends to join you and have received a lot of positive feedback and wanted to pass that along to you as well. I hope they enlist you to help them as you have helped me.”

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