Ep 88 How Menopausal Women Lose Weight

by Deb Butler

In this episode I talk about some of my clients before and after our work together. I read you their journey in their own words, and then I tell you about my experience working with them.

Menopausal Podcast 88

Here are the two testimonials from this podcast. Listen in as I tell you how they started losing weight while menopausal.

“When I first got in touch with ‘Dr. Deb,’ I was a walking ball of anxiety. My hormones and health were in constant flux and it made my emotions just as bonkers. My job, my family, and my spirit were all suffering. I had been trying to fix it all on my own, devouring podcasts and other information about health, personal growth, depression, hormones, etc., but it all just made me feel worse, just another thing to try and fail. Finally, I reached out for help and hit the jackpot.

After just a few conversations, Dr. Deb zeroed in on where I needed to start: my negative thoughts about myself and what I deserved. She showed me the work I needed to do to get my inner critic to put down the whip and pick up some pom-poms. Once I was not terrorizing myself with my thoughts, everything else followed. I did not think it was possible, but I no longer crave junk food, nor do I play Russian Roulette with a bag of cookies. (‘Will this one kill me? Nope! How about this one?’) Instead, I actually enjoy showing myself some love by taking care of my body and letting myself experience emotion instead of numbing everything with food or some other distraction.

It has taken time and effort, but Dr. Deb has been there with me throughout and amazed me with her insights every time we talked. I am losing weight steadily, my mood has stabilized, and I have enough good energy for myself and those around me. Even when I screw it all up sometimes, I have the tools to understand what happened and learn from it, not beat myself up about it. I don’t know if Dr. Deb ‘saved’ my life, but she has definitely helped me feel once again like it is a nice place to be.” ~Gretchen

“Dr Deb Butler really knows her stuff! She is amazing as a coach and is living proof that her approach works. My experience in her group was the best I’ve ever had. Don’t be afraid to join in. She is committed to taking people from where they are, and at the speed they like. Participating from another country as I did was no hassle and I learned so much. I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone wanting to address their personal issues and find more compassion and joy in their lives. Taking it a day at a time. Thanks, Dr Deb Butler!” ~Kym Madden, Australia

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Enjoy the show!

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