Ep 89 Take the Drama Out of Food

by Deb Butler

In this episode, I discuss a client who took a group class, and how she transformed herself during it. She is past menopause and ready to be done with the struggle. It is never too late to become mindful, as she shows us.

Drama Podcast 89

Here’s her testimonial:

“I want to thank you for this wonderful class. I have learned so much and look at things so differently. This has been so helpful to me. In fact, it has been life changing. Mindfulness is so much better than fogging. You helped me realize how weak and invalid my previous thoughts about food and my lack of control were. I am becoming more and more mindful and it feels wonderful. Additionally, I have lost 11 lbs! I am well on my way!!!

I love your podcasts and will continue to listen to to them again and again. Thank you for the tools you have taught me! I have to say, I think you are great!! Thank you so much.”

I then discuss what her struggles were, and how she overcame them during our class.

If you’re ready to START the new year off in a totally new way of being, and learn to trust and have confidence in yourself around any food in any situation, click here to START.

Enjoy the show!

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